Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Starting Over

So I feel in a lot of ways that I should have started this blog way back in January. Actually, I did try blogging before, I think it was a year ago? I don't know. But it didn't work because I really didn't feel like I had anything to say that I felt was worth trying to get people to read. And really, I didn't.

But I've been reading other blogs lately and realized that I could probably do one, too. I have occasional strokes of brilliance in the humor department (and by stroke, I don't mean my brain malfunctioned, although it sure seems like my brain malfunctions on a daily basis) and I have life experience (I am not old! Really! I mean it!) and I have new and exciting things getting ready to take place in my life over the coming weeks, with many challenges ahead. I want to share those with people. I'm hoping that people will find my blog, that they will read it when they find it (coz what good would it be if they see it and just pass on?) and I hope that they find something worthwhile in it to keep them coming back. I hope this to be a resource for some people, a place to share stories for other people, and I'm hoping that people will find a chuckle here once in a while. As our adventures pick up over the coming months, I want to be able to use this blog as a way to retain my humor as much as possible. Thus the name of this blog, which I hope will help me keep that in mind.

Welcome aboard.


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